Priceless Artwork Defaced During U.S. Invasion of Bagdad

In April 22, 2003, a grave travesty unfolded as the world watched on their television sets. In downtown bagdad, a giant statue of Saddam Hussein was toppled. Before the event, an American soldier placed a American flag on top of the statue's face only to have a replaced by an Iraqi flag to signify liberation of the Iraqi people as suppose to conquest of the American troops. A rope was tied around the statue's neck and a crane tore the statue from its pedestal to have it crashing to the ground, where gangs of cheering Iraqi people stomped on the statue's face and body. Read More

The Bush-Nostradamus Connection

A white house source disclosed that President Bush had a two psychic advisors that he consoled. The two psychic advisors were trained interpreters of the writings of Nostradamus, the 12th century, French pyschic. The white house source said that the President was obsessed with a passage in Nostradamus' writing which spoke of a "third anti-christ" who will start a third world war. Read More